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My friend and I played this yesterday evening and we had a blast! For the record, we played this online via Discord and and had a music bot set up to play ambient music. This is the playlist I found on Spotify and had playing, in case anyone's interested. 

In hindsight I'm not sure we played it entirely correctly, but I think we got the gist of it in the end. We spent more time than we really should have attempting to set up the playing cards, so if it's your first time using playing cards online I'd suggest familiarising yourself with the programme you're using (instead of fumbling around with it for half an hour LMAO)

It was a fun exercise in world-building and character building for sure, and, even though it's probably not the intention of the game, a great way to create a TTRPG party with meaningful character dynamics in a few hours. 

I think having a diagram of what your table should look like after you have your cards set up might be helpful, but it might also just be the case that I was kind of tired and didn't comprehend the instructions as well as I should have :P

Like the other comment says it's entirely playable alone but I enjoyed having someone to bounce ideas off of (yes there was mutual oblivious pining in our characters because why not). Either way, the two of us are definitely looking forward to playing this again!