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Great art, interesting demo. I just wasn't expecting Saleanna to freak out over the mud stain. The way you described her made me think she's a nice girl or at least used to  being dirty since she hunts rabbits. I've no  issues if Ash paled in comparison to Kalen, especially since he was muddied by the pigs, however. It's just that, other than her, her relatives', and her home's fancy appearances, there was no foreshadowing of her reaction. If you're keeping the scene, maybe add something like her thinking about the consequences of a dirty cloak--maybe humans paying less attention to her so she'll be less able to seduce them, or the dangers of not having a cloak ready in case she needs to escape outside (e.g. while it's in the laundry)--to make her reaction more understandable. But it's really up to you, we've only seen a short demo.