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Thanks for the feedback! Just watched the whole vid. You don't have to worry about being too harsh haha,  the only possible way to make a great game is with feedback like yours tbh.  My focus for the next demo is to revamp combat - because admittedly it's an area I've ignored for a while. The plan is to to have 8 directional movement with full 8 directional aiming and for the guns to carry more weight and stopping power.  Enemies will also stagger and react to shots.The reason this has taken a while is because I absolutely dread animating sprites and having to re sprite the player movement in 8 directions  is quite a lot of work - but it must be done :). Also was thinking of having some sort of clear indicator as to what inspections in the room are important - similar to the item sparkle effect. Anyways, hope you will play the next version (whenever that is), because feedback like this is so crucial for me and helps me set important dev goals.