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Because this isn't communism. ;)

Geod has an amazing product here. Why should he give out the open source for free and be unable to monetize it when it is finally polished?

Especially after he's been spending at least months, if not more, working on this full time for what little compensation people have given to the project.

Sure, he wants to monetise the product. I addressed that?

I'm aware you're charging for the software, at least for the latest releases, but most users are still willing to pay for an open source product, if only for the convenience of not needing a build toolchain. For instance Asesprite is open on GitHub and we're still buying it. :)

Sorry. I clicked on the wrong reply, and/or I should have specified who I was replying to. I wasn't speaking to you. I was addressing the "Why Not?" question after geod said he wasn't planning on releasing open source, at least not now. :)