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PSA: There is an edit button, so in the future, if you post something and go "aw crap, I should've remembered to add [insert thing here]!" - you have a way out without double-posting.  I know I've done that before - it happens to the best of us!  At least this isn't Twitter or something, right?  :P

I am inclined to agree with pretty much all your conclusions on efficiency analysis - the tables are pretty much only good for human sanity when developing without an IDE or similar.  Having to search & replace for address changes is an absolute pain.  I don't have much in the way of comments beyond that - brain is a bit numb from it being late where I am, and from programming a kernel for the past several hours.  Will re-read everything in the morning when I'm less zombified.  >.<


Yeah, I know there's an edit button, but at the time I really didn't feel like doing the editing required, since it wasn't just a matter of "should have added this" - to edit in the correction I would have had to change and rewrite significant chunks of the text, such as the summary, and it was already late (getting towards early), and it would have taken enough time that others might have read the first version in the meantime, so I'd have to add something about the correction anyway, and... yeah.

I suppose I could have added my reply as an "EDIT:" at the bottom or something, but it felt more appropriate as a reply, since it was a pretty significant correction. (And in my mind, double-posting is something entirely different than responding to yourself. But I guess I might be out of touch on that.)