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wow, I never new I got comments. It's been 4 years. WTH. I'm replying to all of them.

Your right. it's not good for a 12day jam. It's pretty crummy in fact. I did this because a couple of days before the game jam was over a co-working was talking about their Cyberpunk project for the game jam. Which is cool btw. I didn't think I would bother, but then decided why not. So I spent about two, six hour evenings  throwing together this project with Construct 2. I did for fun, to learn C2, and because I like Cyberpunk. I got my friend who only does paper sketching to do the art and we decided to do a simple comic book style button clicker.

If I spent even 4h/12 days I would have focused on improving the movement mechanics, ai and provide more options in play. Maybe even add some bosses and cheesy dialogue.

Your right on all your points, but even so. I enjoyed making game :)

This is the most unexpected reply ever! I was an inexperienced jerk back then, ignore my comment. 

There is always room for improvement in games, the important thing is not giving up and keep making (and finishing) games.

Good luck!


I think the comment was fair enough and I didn't take it negativly. I was also more inexperience since then. My most recent release of a game is . We all come a long way since then :)