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Very cool project, love how it actually teaches about the writing system instead of just describing it, goes deep compared to most other learning materials that aim to be entertaining.

 Plot is stupid, which is totally fine considering it's not in any way the focus of the game, but for the love of god please consider making the intro easier to swallow. Main issue right now with the setting is Reimu not actually being Reimu at all, just acting like a rude asshat with some Wikipedia pages memorized. It seems like the Touhou stuff was just added to bring the nerds in instead of it being an integral part of the project.

 Art is simple, charming, and fits the game perfectly, but the main character looks like (and probably is) a placeholder.

 About the game itself, it would be cool if each lesson in the selection screen had a little description of what each teaches, it'd make it less of a pain if you want to review stuff. I can't really say much about the minigame itself since it's the very first one and is supposed to be simple, but I'm expecting the next levels to be more interesting, maybe have some balls bouncing and some effects or whatever.

Overall a fun idea with some interesting approaches, I'm looking forward to the next updates. Tone it down with the swearing Jesus FUCK.