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Very fun and pretty! Creative and unique style and controls. I would love to see this develop into a full game.



Couple of bugs and things to work out. About 18 minutes into the first video I got stuck climbing the statue, had to restart the whole level. Happened more than once. Also the dogs are kind of inconsistent. Sometimes they'll bark from far away, and not move. Sometimes they move really slowly. Touching them out of the shadows seemed to kill me for some reason. Also not sure why I can't kill the dogs.

There is a loading screen tip that says "Shadow walking near civilians will cause them to cough, attracting nearby guards attention." but that seemed to simply not be the case, I'm afraid. A couple times the camera skewed off wildly and was a pain to reset (mostly only during wall running).

Thanks for playing !

To be honest, we were out of time when we had to deliver the game to our school :/

These are fair points, we're working on it !


Best of luck! Looking forward to hearing more about this game in the future :]