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This was amazing! This game gave me a peak into the strange world of "how my brain learns things", on a whole other level than normal learning experiences. It would be too abstract to describe just like that, but i feel like this "mathematical experiment" has given me food for existential thought even.

I like how, even though i never got a good sence for the space around my character, i still learned some tactics for specific situations, that allowed me to play the game in a somewhat controlled fassion.

I have no clue on how you would make a bigger game out of this... to me the explorative existential joy of feeling my brain adapt to a "mode of being" that i had previously thought unimaginable is allready acchieved... 

Maybe if you share my "explorative existential joy", and understand the appeal, you could expand the game in a more artistic direction. Pursuing this "explorative existential joy", i could see you adding some text parts in between challenges, some of wich could have different natures, for example more fast and/or precise maneuvering. Maybe a different setting and art style.

Or just leave it like this. It was a great experience for me to play it anyways, and i think ill come back to it! Never got past the part where it's just a ton of those blue guys.

Thanks for all the feedback! Glad to hear that you liked it. But yeah we have no idea how to make it bigger but it seems like you've actually already got some ideas!