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Okay I'm loving all of the content that finished off the camping trip, seriously some very touching moments for all the characters we have so far. Juuichi's day two of the camping trip, however, takes the cake in my opinion. Hiro and Juuichi's moment together (without giving anything away here) is just really tender and makes it feel like Juuichi is allowing himself to be a whole lot more vulnerable than he's been able to be previously. It's almost like a silent coming out moment to himself, tbh, like "Haaaah, I guess there's no beating around this bush anymore, is there?". Between this moment and their moment on the 5th, I really love Juuichi's tendency to seek out one on one time with those he cares about, and that the unplanned moments he has alone with Hiro seem to provide for a lot of growth for him too. Super relatable, personally. Wonderful work, friends!