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"how it feels to chew 5 gum"

besides the joke though, this game seriously kicks ass dude, i'm talking like enormous amounts of ass.

you play this whole game with headphones on and tell me it's not peak indie development. all it needs is some text dialogue in between levels, a story and some eastereggs and it'll go topseller.

I just don't understand why this game is afraid of going for violence, like who are we kidding here? just because you replaced humans with dogs and cute looking animals and made their blood purple doesn't make it a kids game, this is literally what we need right now, the adrenaline impulsive music flowing to your brain and driving you insane, the fast running and shooting spraying your enemies with bullets, the effects of alcohol and energy drinks running through the character's blood, the stinky toilets breaking and roaches stomping, the explosions throwing your enemies away, the cameras following me making me feel rebellious, even the skeleton jerking off at a toilet, it all gives this game a soul, a nasty raging soul, this is hands down one of the best shooters i have ever played in my entire life. looking forward for updates :)