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Hahaha, I feel so blessed that you enjoyed the game so much! <3
Pffft, "beautiful hooligan" has to be the best nickname ever!!!
How lovely~

I hope that you will also like the official demo! :D
You can find it under my account if you are interested~

I played both demos, all options.

Can't wait to kill da booty for the almighty blood god.

Rest in pepperonis.

Oh, woah!!! : OOO
thanks so much for all your support and for playing both games!!! <3
Hehehe, yes, that booty needs to be punished...BY YOU! XD

Pffft, rest in pepperonis, I like your style XD
Btw, if I'm allowed to ask, did you have a favorite character/scene? :D
Thanks again for playing!!! <3<3<3

My favorite scene is definitely with Lucifine.


Lost my shit.

Also the small quick peck in the prologue by the blood god. B^) So he does care.... huehuehuehue....

But for real though, out of all, my favorite parts is just seeing the art @_@ I'm an artist myself, but no where near this beautiful ;3;

Still learning how to use my cintiq... and SAI. Are you self taught? ;3;

I'm happy that you enjoyed that part, it was probably my favorite one to write XD
And yes, Blood God does care about least a little XP

Awwww, you're so nice >w<
I worry a lot about my art, so, it's amazing to hear you liked it so much!!!
I am self taught, I used SAI to begin with, now I use Clip Studio Paint :D (when it goes on sale it's a lot cheaper than photoshop)
A Cintiq, that's so nice!!!! OuO
Do you have a link to your art? I'd love to see it :3

Oh my gosh. (╥﹏╥)

My art is kinda embarrassing, I'm inconsistent with my coloring and such still trying to develop.

I am trying to develop my art to be kinda like yours is but my brain just does not want to compute. Lolol. I'm still trying to figure myself out ;3;. I'm not very active on Deviant art, but here is the jist of it. Basically past the little green hair pastel character was before I got my tablet.

;3; I'm sort of happy with my style.. it's just the coloring and anatomy. so hard to learn (╥﹏╥)

Wow, I think your stuff!!! :D
The coloring on Aticus is really lovely, I especially like the hair! OuO
Hahaha, anatomy is always super hard, I can totally relate XD
But, you look like you're going in a great direction!!!