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Thank you for the kind words!
Balancing is definitely an issue. I've been watching youtube videos about the game (including Nookrium) and no one seems to be able to pass the 3rd wave. There will be some experimental balance changes in the next update.

In about 2 weeks I will be releasing the game on to steam. There will be a discussion board on the steam page where feedback and bug reports can be posted. I'm reluctant to turn the comment section on this page into a discussion board. I don't want to lose the comments.

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I too find it hard to get past 3rd wave, usually Gold or Stone is in short supply by then. 

If there were Gold mines added it might help the flow of the game and slightly more stone from mining, maybe horse and cart option to speed up the re-supply.

Would be nice to see rolling green hills in places, raise some areas slightly.

Great game though, a real challenge to play.

Thanks for  this game, Respondi at Respondi433 Youtube Channel

Glad you are enjoying the game.

In regards to gold income:
You can upgrade the housing or place down service buildings (Chapel, Well, Market, Tavern) in order to boost income. Keep in mind that housing does need to be in range and have a road connection (except the well) to the service building in order to get the bonus. I've seen some players get a absurdly high income rate with a efficient housing and road layout.