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This merge between RTS and 3rd person looks great! God I love it.

I'm pretty excited about it now. 

I have a quest if you allow me. Will the full release be strictly a horde defense game? 

I think that having a campaign with objective oriented stages on Reignfall would be pretty awesome.

There's an oldish game I played about 10 years ago called Battalion Wars 2 that have this concept of RTS but the player can "possess" units and play in 3rd person as well. On that game every level had an objective, like carrying an item somewhere, protecting some structure, or killing some particularly strong unit. 

So I thought something like this would be cool to help keeping the Reignfall gameplay fresh throughout the play sessions.

Well anyway you are doing something awesome here. Keep up the good job. I'm cheering on you and looking forward for the full release.

I'm glad you enjoy the game!
There are currently no plans for a campaign. The game will be strictly horde mode.
My focus is on polishing and adding more content like new bosses, enemies, recruitable units, etc...
Not familiar with Battalion Wars. I'll check it out.