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Really superb game that relies well on its fear and anxiety. I'm happy there was a strategy that generally worked (hide under desk whenever possible, keep an eye on the window shadow) because the terrifying process of getting to that strategy sure as hell kept me on my toes. I also appreciate the representation in the doctor victim. I ended up playing this game several times, once on Baby mode, to get the details and fill out the papers in time. Finally, I really enjoyed the final "Kyl. T Night" (kill tonight) tape upon review. The first time I heard it I was way too stressed to understand what it meant other than "wow, what a weird name" and "this audio log sounds very unprofessional" before I realized that it was referring to the very specific objects on my desk and my work ethic that aren't related to any murder case. I love the fridge logic that makes you realize hey, this friendly phone call to me might not have been so friendly... and I liked the bad ending you can get if you're too jumpy and just want it to end and go to sleep. 

Excellent experience overall.

You mean the one where you take too long? I've only gotten endings from getting caught not hiding, taking too long, and finishing the last page successfully.

There's a good ending where you don't die! 

Yeah where you finish the last page successfully right?

Right! After you finish the last page, there are 2 different endings ;)

Absolute huge thank you for playing and your comments!! I hope you enjoyed :)