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I like the concept of the game and I have some suggestions that can improve the game:

  1.  Game difficulty felt too easy:
    1. Should add obstacles to the game that can damage the player and make the game more difficult
    2. Variety of enemies is lacking, and was too easy to kill. Should more types of enemies
  2. Game physics:
    1. The character's physics felt too "light" like it was on a moon where gravity is very weak. Unless that was your intended purpose you can ignore this suggestion

Also some things that I liked:

  • Cool parallax background and art assets
  • Music fits the game very well. However level switch restarts the song
  • Gun mechanic was pretty cool too.

Yeah, I think I can fix the music problem when switching scene. :)

1. Yeah, I will add in more obstacles later on for more difficulties. I will add in varieties of enemies and also traps to make things more exciting. I just want to make it easy for the demo to see how others feel for the game first and then add in some difficulties. 

2. For the game physics, I kinda wanted to make it where the character is like a ninja with high jumps and all that, but I will look into that and play around with the physics to see which works for it.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will log these into my suggestions lists to further improve on the projects. If you have anymore, feel free to give more. :)