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Love the descriptiveness of your writing! Great sense of... interiority (and.. exteriority??) to the player character(s) as you sort out where you are/what's happening/*who* you are. The railroading at the beginning ("duffel is too high for you", "tunnel is too small for you", followed by "surprisingly strong!") both built anticipation for what the central *problem* was going to turn out to be *and* added to what felt like an intentional throughline of like... coming into an awareness of one's body and the ways it can feel alien/limiting to one's mind. Resonated with me as someone with a chronic pain condition. And then embracing/conquering that in a game-y way was real satisfying by the end.

The variety of of Twine-tricks and font changes employed were super effective, too. 😀

Thanks for sharing. 💖