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The updater crashes too (running as Admin). I'll re-download the game.

Before reinstalling I visually confirmed the presence of the "data3.db" file that you mention as missing, and created a clean install. Decided to run a compatility test and Windows suggest with the troubleshooter a Windows 8 compatibility mode, so I selected that option. Everything is checked as running as Admin, of course (both the game and the Launcher). The Updater doesn't show a "compatibility" tab, so I left that as it was before. Ran everything from the procdump64 command at the run prompt with the file at the desktop (C:\Users\Carlos Teran\Desktop\procdump64.exe -e 1 -x "H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra/" "H:\Itch Games\Project Hedra/Hedra.exe"), as I've been doing since you suggested it in the first place. For added measure, disabled antivirus (Avira) and firewall (Comodo). Nothing happened. Went back to unselect the compatibility mode. The console appeared for a new moments, and dissapeared. The game didn't open at all. Unselected the "run as admin" option in the game and left it on the Launcher. Now it closes inmediatly and doesn't even show the chashed window. The data3.db file is still present.

I have a question... is this game 64-bits / Windows 10 Pro compatible?.

Log & Dump files:!Ag4aWPoVkOIfkg9ufvAmbvkGzlie