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First off, it might be best to state that the zip file has the Mac game, and the .exe the windows game. 

Second, switching to headphones (plugging them in) didn't make a difference, audio kept playing through speakers. Not sure if it was the laptop i was using, but it may be something to test.

All that being said, it is pretty cool. The mechanics are simple enough, though in the case of 'find the screen' and 'shoot noise at the screen with headphones', learning what to do outside of the brief instructions can take time, though that may be the point.

Otherwise, as a platformer, it works really well.


Thanks for your advice. It should show on itch whether it’s a windows or Mac game with an icon usually. I’ll have a look at the headphones thing and I understand what you are saying about the mini games. We wanted it to be a bit difficult to figure out.