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It's beautiful, it's sad, it's funny, it's fascinating, it's absurd, it's so much at once. That you have developed a game that also deals with alcoholism and did not make it ridiculous honors you very much in my opinion (I know, that sounds just like basic human decency one would hope for, but in my experience it's not always the reality...). Smoke is not portrayed as a violent or asshole-like creature, but as a fragile, somehow sad character who has to decide how he wants to continue his life. It's a story about regret and hope. That's at least how I understood the game and I'm glad that it gives me the space for this interpretation. I just thought it was fantastic, thanks for that. <3 That's why I recommended your game in an article on our blog and uploaded a playthrough video in the hope that more people will try it out for themselves. <3 I wish you a high ranking in the Ludum Dare 42! :)

Best wishes,