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There is so much to love about this game, so many little details are fascinating. On the one hand, I found it fantastic that all travel companions believe in different gods and that this is never a conflict, but instead they can also take advantage of it in their fight against the fascists. On the other hand, the world is quite huge for a jam game, so one can get lost in it, only to discover something completely new. That was really nice! :) The whole game has a very special road-trip vibe in it and I am very happy that I tried it. It's probably the game of yours that's been the most 'traditional game' yet, but it still has been a unique experience for me. Thank you for this fantastic trip. It was an honor to recommend this game in an article on our blog and to upload a longer gameplay video for it, even though this time I did not win the fight... I wish you great success with the Ludum Dare 42 ratings, but at least I can say that it already has a special place in my heart! <3

Best wishes,