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Because I launched first on steam and everybody complained that it was expensive for just 3 hours of gameplay and bla bla bla. So I adjusted here but kept the original price on steam in respect to the early buyers. Also to keep a good logic between my increases discounts (10%, 25%, 33%, 40% and so on) so its not even more confusing if I suddenly price drop and start to discount less to compensate.

But its frequently on sale on steam and it will be already 50% off next sale so it will be about the same price.

the fact is that I did all this by myself and I hate marketing and I didnt know shit I was doing so Im very sorry, you are correct the prices are messy

my next game I'll have a publisher help me with this sorta of things. for this game no publisher wanted it because I didnt make it in unity. but Wirewalk 2 is being made in unity.

that said, weirdly enough, nobody pays the minimum price here on itch. I have 0 minimum price pays. Everybody gives a tip for at least 1 dollar. Some guy gave me a fucking 11 dollar tip! Also my game is never bought on sale here, only when not on sale god knows why.

and on steam the game only sells when on sale.  I sell almost no copies when not on sale. So all in all it ends up being somewhat the same price. :D

Anyway, if you prefer on steam, next sale on steam is coming by the end of january so stay tuned!