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Hey, I had the same problem just now. I realised it happens when you do not select a side when on the controller screen and you leave it blank. Make sure when it lists all the controllers to select left or right with mouse or keyboard. Then it should work. It kept crashing when i tried to start a game and no controller was selected.

Thumbs up on the game, it was real fun even though i lost to sweden 8-6 :(. Are you planning to build out the whole thing, career and all?

Yup you are correct! That is my mistake, it shouldn't be possible to not select any controllers xD but I guess that is the point of a Beta anyway hehe. I am glad you had fun with the game! I am definitely going to develop it much further including a career mode. thanks again!

Thanks so much folks! I wasn't selecting a controller either... I'm a fool.

Nah my fault. It shouldn't be possible xD