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Hi folks - the menus load fine, but when I go to play there's a flash of the rink then it quits to desktop. Any ideas of a fix? I tried (re)installing XNA, just in case and it didn't make a difference. All the best with the game, btw, it looks great :)

I am going to copy paste my response to another comment because it seems you are having the same issue:

Go to your windows 10 search bar and type in "Administrative tools", then find "Event Viewer" open it and go to "Windows Logs" and then expand the "Applications" selection. In there somewhere near the top, you should find 2 error reports related to the crash (it will say superbloodhockey.exe). If you could paste the entire error message here that would be very helpful!

It may be a lack of a dll file for Windows Media Player. Try reinstalling that to see if it fixes it. If not the error message should tell us what is going wrong.