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Day 7

I'm pulling out. Remember day 3 where I said I had personal matters to attend to? Well those haven't really gone away and I need to focus on dealing with them. I knew from the outset that this project was ambitious, but I didn't know how ambitous it was until I realised how difficult it is to deal with being able to select a dynamically sized hand of cards with a controller. I thought switching to mouse controls very early on, but I was too stubborn and was worried how it might affect my ratings if I went that route.

I have thought of ways that I could finish it by the end of the day, such as shifting the objective to not require another player at all, but I don't want to deal with the crunch. After LOWREZJAM, the damage was done; I was just too drained to immediately start working on something large I wasn't entirely sure of.

Though what little I did manage to make was an interesting challenge, and I'll definitely consider coming back next year!

Good luck everyone!