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Part 2: 

It is possible to get 246 percent pressure in the Time Machine by pulling the lower pulley.

If you die and would like to retry, this is not possible, because you start in the inventory, and "Close inventory" is missing.

Part 1:

"You say he is working on an experiment" should be "You say you........"

Part 2:

"You stay away from the vehicles" should be "You step......."

If you speak to David just 1 time, then "Questions about the cell" will not be there, but if you then go to the garage, you will be able to select "You light the floor with the lamp" (that you have not got yet) and will get the message "The ground is dark, nothing can be seen" and get game over.

Part 3: 

Same problem as in part 2 when restarting after dying.

You get info that "At dusk the moon shines" is the password. In the menu you can select this x2 times, but both answers will be wrong - you have to answer "At dusk shines the moon"

At some places "usas la pistola" and "pisas el acelerador" is not translated.

Level 3:

When the nazi blows up the truck, and everybody dies, you can go up and start another truck again with the compact key, and then Lieutenant Mary will be alive again.