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This is an idea I quite liked.

stand name: Golden Brown

namesake: golden brown by the stranglers

stand user: joel joestar

Stand stats:

Power: A

Speed: A

Range: E

Durability: A

Precision: C

Developmental potential: B

golden brown appears to be a humanoid cricket with the head of tusk act 4

It cries 'GURARARARARA' when throwing a barrage of punches.

Golden brown has two abilities.

Life drain

Golden Brown will begin to slowly drain the life-force of those it touches. when throwing a barrage of punches, the victims describe each punch feeling more painful and impactful towards them. Unlike the grateful dead, it doesnt make people older, nor younger like set's shadow, but it takes away time from people's life, keeping them physically the same.

Soul eater

Golden brown can extract someone's soul in a heartbeat (by touch), leaving the victim's body lifeless. when said body is lifeless, golden brown can input commands and control the body as much as the user wants. when the soul is extracted, golden brown can either absorb the soul for a boost in its life drain abilities, or return to soul to the body, giving the body its life back. the victim wont be aware of what happened, and will only remember the moment golden brown touched them.

Anyway, I am relatively new to jojo, although i have watched parts 1-4 and  have read up to steel ball run. I have to admit that I included tusk's head because its my favourite stand.

Also, i recently ordered Eyes of heaven online and am excited to play that.

Thanks for reading my stand! if you liked it then great, if you didnt that's fine. Im open to any ideas of criticism of my stand too.

also, I would love to see an update where there are more stand stat options like none, infinite and  ???