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Really interesting concept and such a good execution!
I started playing the game with kinda low expectations, but when I finished the demo I was impressed. The concept of having the character to go through these ordeals is just briliant. Especially the one in the sunflower field with the spider was crazy. The scene with the kidnapper and the saw blade was amazing too. It made the pacing of the game to skyrocket.
The presentation of the game is also really good! The textures and the models are looking great. Same for the audio of the game. However the kidnapper's voice is kinda low and the subtitles stop appearing after the first scene. That make the riddle impossible to solve, unless you press R by pure luck and then the kidnapper repeats the riddle, but this time the subtitles appear.
So yeah, overall I had fun playing the game! (If you don't count the spider that made me freak out)
I hope we see more of this game, since it has a lot of potential! Keep up the good work!


Thank you for your kind words and your great gameplay!