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The color palette! The different ways how to make the blobs grow! The giant heads! The background music and the sound design! Ahhh, there is so much to love about your game and its design! <3 The last two of the six levels have been pretty tough, but with a bit of tactical thinking and a good sense of timing one can handle those too. :) Seriously, that was a great contribution to the Ludum Dare 42 and it was a lot of fun to try the tricky parts of the game again and again. It was juicy, it was greatly staged, it had just the perfect length - all in all, a great game! <3 Therefore, I recommended your jam entry in an article on our blog and also uploaded a fairly short playthrough video (which would not have been so short if I recorded my first run :D ). I wish you a lot of success with the ranking and a high place! :)

Best wishes,