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Only two words: Spectacular work. All the little narrative threads that can be found on the phone end up as part of an incredibly emotional story. The dramaturgy of the ending was just amazing as well... In general, this game shows very clearly how many superficially different parts of our identity we scatter on these little technical marvels. Each app has explained a new part of Ellen's story, and I think that's a little feat to do that in such a short time. This basic scenario in combination with the really fabulous voice-over has absolutely convinced me of your game and I can only hope that it achieves a correspondingly high ranking in the Ludum Dare 42 - your submission would definitely earn it! <3 For that reason, I hope that my article about your game gets even more people to try it out for themselves. :) I also uploaded a playthrough video. <3 I wish you good luck and look forward to your future projects!

Best wishes,


Really amazing game i love it!!!!