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A rather fun mouse-only game; the titular "blind bird" keeps walking, bouncing off walls and reversing direction, and you can move one magic block from place to place to help the bird climb obstacles or change direction in the right place. The first few moves give you all the time you want to place the block, but subsequent ones require quite accurate timing, as the bird (an eared dove, apparently) walks off your magic block onto a small safe place and you have to quickly move the block so they can walk onto it again and continue the journey. Because the resolution is so small, the screen camera moves quite a lot, and so I found myself putting the block one space higher or lower than it should be... but that's my fault, not the game's fault! Tiny, tiny graphical complaint: the bird's eye isn't green, it's transparent, which means that if it walks in front of some of the tutorial writing, you can see the writing through the bird's eye. Which looks a bit weird. But that's seriously the only thing I have to complain about; this is a tiny nugget of joy, this game. I like the four-colour green palette and everything. This is good stuff.


Thanks for your extensive analysis and suggestions. We'll keep working on the game for a couple of days, so your feedback will help us improve players' experience.