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Where this sign exists hangs beta in fish bowls from an overhead pan rack. Behind the person cooking with gas sugar and water in a pot the size of small child behind the beta hanging in fish bowls over the boiling pot is, out the window, a meter-by-meter-by-meter cube of oak logs stacked and spored with shitake. Beyond the island in front of the person cooking sugar and water is the walkway with a 55 gallon drum of canola oil from the local hummus factory in it. Beyond the drum is a countertop with appliances and breads and fruits and, in the corner, is an electric stove. Up this far wall is a spice rack with cinnamon and whole black pepper, oregano and whole black widows, white ash bark and red pepper flakes, ground ginger and unicorn bile, and 43 more until the wall ceilings and bedrooms start. But through the wall is a third of 3 fridges facing the same way, with the first just outside the kitchen patio door and 30 shoes existing. This door is to the left of the 55 gallon drum and to the right of the hallway leaving the area to chrysalise into common room where, strung like web silk from floor and wall and ceiling and extinct corner fireplace and back projection wall, are bed sheets stapled. There is also a sink and kitchen table. The sink, to the right of the hanging fish bowls, always has dirty dishes or you will do yours. The kitchen table, to the left of the hanging fish bowls, always has paper and a mug of pens and screwdrivers and bolts and a chicken foot taped to a sharpie and highlighters and crayons and is a good place to sit and talk with anyone new about the house beyond this kichen