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This is a really cool and well crafted visual novel. The art style is great and well detailed, the music fits perfectly with the world, and the story is interesting and open for expansion. I realize this is a short demo for a much larger story, but I am really impressed with whats here. I play a lot of VN and I have to say there are very few that look like this game. I love the fact that the world still feels very much alive when playing through the dialogue. The fact that there are actual animations and moving parts around you, really makes this world stand out instead of a still image. All in all a great and interesting indie VN that I look forward to playing more once the full version is released. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

I WANT HER | Minotaur [Beta]

Hi, Maineiacs! Thank you for your detailed comment and a great let's play. Hearing someone who plays a lot of VNs saying they like Minotaur means a lot! It's really cool that you remembered "The Spirits Within" (we also love that movie!), and that you took note of extras and even "About" section. We're happy that you liked the animations, and kudos on figuring out the puzzle! We hope you'll play next demos and full version once it comes out. Best of luck with your channel!