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Day 2


So as I logged onto my computer eager to breathe some life into the game I was taken aback by this message:

my password manager stopped working.

Despite the fact that I attempted my login using the exact same computer, location and credentials, their system randomly decided I was a filthy hacker. "Not to worry" you might think, just "tap the app". I don't have a mobile device and forgot to set up 2FA. "Try a different device?" my laptop gave me the same message. "Check your e-mail like the message says?" well I would, if I remembered the password that's locked inside the password manager that I'm currently locked out of.

Needless to say this is kind of a big deal, and until I can convince customer support to give me my account back, no work will be done on the game. I mean, I still have a local clone of the source and could continue to keep working on it, but I wouldn't be able to focus at all.

UPDATE: I've now regained access and am swiftly moving to fix this single point of failure. Development on the game will resume soon.