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Gonna share my Stand idea!

Stand Name: The Universe's Glory

Stand User: Ammy Highwind

Power: None - Infinite

Speed: None - Infinite

Range:None - Infinite

Durability: None - Infinite

Precision: None - Infinite

Developmental Potential: None - Infinite

The Universe's Glory has the power to manifest any other Stand the user knows about, and it provides information to allow for far more effective usage than the Stand's original owner, and it also allows the user to remove any perceived drawbacks from the copied Stand. Due to this, it does not have a fixed form. The copies generally have a blue-red color scheme, if it has one. However, one thing does persist in those capable of performing a Stand Cry; and that's the Cry itself.

Stand Cry: Useless useless useless useless...USELESS!!!

(This is basically overpowered as fuck, but I don't care.)