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I found a bug- and loads more issues coming from that bug.

This is how to execute the glitch- reformatted for you to go faster than ever before.
1. Play the game as normal.

2. When you get to the point where you have four Zs, go ahead and spell PIZZAZZES (148, that's a lot!)

3. Enter.

4. Enter... again?

5. Kepp spamming enter. You are now making money out of thin air- hilariously the history chart will show you you are making 100+ points out of literally nothing. The text space is blank.

6. You have now crashed the LSE stock market by reaching Colombia levels of inflation. Congrats.

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Note: you can also buy a horrendous amount of letters.

I couldn't get J, K, Q, X, and Z to fill up the screen because they were too rare. Perhaps your patience can snatch the medal of a filled workshop...

I did it.

Congratulations! I didn’t have an ending in mind for this game but it looks like you made one for me!