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When the box is falling and you collide with it from the side, it kills you. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but for me it ended quite a few runs. Overall it has nice controls, and a vierd and unique idea. It could certainly be made into a full game.

Thanks for the review and for playing it!

The mechanic that I come up with kills you unless the block is already placed on the ground, of course the game has a few bugs that need and will be fixed. 

Someone else also suggested that it could be turned into a fuil game. I must be honest, for the last jam I made QLOW and I had ideas to turn it into a full game, but then I was caught by other stuff so I ended up not doing it. This time I don't even have intentions to turn it into a full game, at least, not for now. So if you or anyone else think they can make something good out of it, feel free to take idea and to ask me anything.

Again, thanks.