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Day 1

So after waking up to a brand new github repository, I immediately started to do some rough sketches of how I wanted the game to look:

One is a simple layout that explicity resembles a tabletop game, and the other two are closer to a traditional RPG. I asked the Discord which one they liked best, and they all seemed to pick the first one, which I neatened up into this:

Once I'd decided how I wanted the game to be laid out, I then started to configure a new Godot project with the Godotboy shader I made the other day.

I figured that my main focus should be extremely basic actions, and so after a while of muddling my way through some rather confusing calculations, I ended up with this:

You have a randomised deck of cards that you can draw from up to a maximum of four. Though you'd only know that if you read the debug log:

The only thing I haven't got working is moving the cursor around to allow you to select cards. I would use mouse controls for this, but I'm not sure you can plug a mouse into a Game Boy. Allowing the cursor to figure out which card it should snap to based on the direction you pushed is going to be quite a challenge, but hopefully it should be worth it for the amount of cards you're able to see at once.