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New reader, just finished the whole thing.

Art style => Amazing. maybe some things could be refined, but that's just me being nitpicky. For example, Mark's mouth movement is a little bit odd to me. Maybe Grey's shoulders look slightly dislocated. Again, just nitpicks for the sake of nitpicks. The billboard text in one of the background images gave me a good laugh.

OST => God tier, think I am going to listen to some of these tracks while I am at work or while I read a book.

SFX => To me, this is probably the best thing in the game so far. I'm a huge sucker for VNs that use SFX properly, and boy does this project use them well. Makes everything come to life. Love love LOVE it!

Immersiveness => When I saw how much attention to detail was put in this, my jaw dropped. When Grey's sprite shrunk that one time to give the illusion of him moving towards a door in the background. More of that, please. And don't get me started on many many other things that sprites do while they are on the screen to additionally amplify their emotions and their movements based on the dialogue. Combine that with some font animations and how only the sprite that is currently talking lights up while others go dark and you get some high quality immersive experience.

Story => Not sure I am buying everything that the story is selling so far, but that's probably because we are in the "early game/setting the stage" and a lot of stuff is still vague on purpose. I assume that things will pick up the pace fairly soon and it'll become a true page-turner. The mature theme of it all and a creepy atmosphere makes the whole project very very enjoyable as well. I am so bored of the never ending number of projects that are just about generic slice of life romance stories usually with a cast of characters in high school. That's why projects like this are so refreshing and very welcome in my opinion.

Keep up the amazing work, I am definitely coming back for more!