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 WHAT WAS THAT?! (((╹д╹;))) Oh, it's just a demonic mannequin..

---Thoughts and Impressions!---

Played the whole demo which lasted around 15-20 minutes or so for me. Had some good spooks 'n goofs. The vibes were scary as well when just roaming the house looking for clues. Wish they had put in some voice over work possibly since there was a good amount of text/dialogue to read. 

Personally, the 'spook to goof' ratio for "The Mannequin"------- 85% spooks: 15% goofs

It's a mostly spooky game with few things to goof on. There were a few times where some really low textures or the spiderwebs made me giggle or took me out of it in the video above.

Definitely check it out!