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Dearest Dev's ,

you really could make a pretty good enjoyable Game, that has lots of educational Value in terms of Linguistics, i really was astonished after learning how to talk to the Caveman's, that's a Concept that's sadly pretty rare in these days.

So i will warn you, i really won't forgive you, if you decide to throw the Towels on this one! Make it and be Successful, no matter how long it takes! Just Do it, our World needs such a Game, to Spark the next Generation of Enjoyable Games with high Educational Value! 


Eternal Seeker of Education, Dan-Man.


Dang i heard the sad truth... 

But that concept... 

maybe someone else can do it? 

Dang Money Issues, maybe sell it to someone that urges to make a high educational game that is very enjoyable?

There must be a way!!!*FuriousSadness*