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Entry 1: 5/12/2015

I've never kept a devlog before, so any hints on keeping a tidy/useful devlog would also be nice if you have any? Also, I wasn't sure how to embed videos... so for now I just link to where I uploaded them on tumblr. And I'm really new to games stuff, too, so obviously feedback would be excellent if it's even at a stage where that's useful yet?

So here's some stuff I've been messing around with so far... I'm working in pygame by the way.

1. "Isometric" map with "houses"

Isometric is in quotes since I'm not sure if the term applies when you have very uneven views, which is what I have. Houses is in quotes for obvious reasons haha :P

So far I have:

  • a very general "isometric" map where you can change the size and orientation of the tiles really easily
  • the camera follows the player (the green square in the middle)
  • there are different types of tile and it's easy to make different maps

So, I don't have much :P. Next I want to:

  • make the tiles walkable/not walkable
  • make the "house" rescale to the "correct" dimensions with according to the change in viewpoint.
  • finish the house nicely, with a roof/doors/windows, etc.

2. Hair animation/simulation with pendulums

It's possible this is a completely insane way of doing things(?), but I am approximating each "piece" of hair as number of connected pendulums (I think in this case maybe 3), and then connected them with some kind of curve.

There's a slightly jerky video here... it runs smoothly normally so perhaps this is the effect of running the screen-capture at the same time? And there's an older video here that I made the day before as a proof-of-concept, so you can see where it came from.

Well you can see what I have going on here so far.... next I want to:

graduate to more chunky hair shapes. with a little added bounce.

3. Cloud generation and general sky animation.

Well, so far I have two things... something that changes the gradient of the sky depending on the angle of the sun/moon (I got moons working too)... and something that makes "clouds" (currently just circles that are stuck together) and generates a normal map for them.

(Here is a (bad) video of the sunrise/sunset... I fixed that stray pixel since. And here is a video of the clouds moving across the sky.)

Next I want to:

  • Combine these two things!
  • Make the sun (or moon) the light source, with the appropriate light colour to light up the clouds using the normal maps.

So, that's it for now... Hopefully I will update soon! Thanks for looking :)