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You know that hilarious stack of 27 effects modules, distributed across 3 or 4 mixer channels, and one of the channels is entirely a stack of 10 compressors? You know the maddening amount of time you spend fine-tuning to get this eldritch beast under control and nail that super-sweet brain-massaging distortion? You know how easy it is to lose your way or get major ear fatigue, only to return to the mix later just to hate how it sounds, and wonder where your life went so wrong?

This single plugin, for a very modest price, fixes literally all of that. No exaggeration. A lone Argent Compressor provides you with a very focused level of insane compression and distortion (anywhere from hellish and abrasive to honey-smooth) with a fine level of control to keep your workflow from spiralling out into sleepless nights. It's flexible, sounds better than the previous monster of effects stacks, and runs at literally a tenth of the CPU load (seriously, the CPU meter went from 85 to 11 after I cut out the previous monster and replaced it all with an Argent Compressor. That's including the CPU load for the 4 Harmor synths, and a master multiband compressor). Christmas came early for me!

Rip and tear your way into a better workflow. Seriously. More than worth the price.