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Hey there!

We're so glad you liked our game, and it's an honour that you even compared it with 'The End of the Line'!

Regarding the ending; Diane and Zak leaving the VIP leads to another playable scene where they both have to leave the Disco, and an Epilogue after that. There are different endings as well that change this whole "Chapter"! 

If your game crashed, or the Credits rolled after leaving the VIP that is definitely a bug for us to fix ASAP!


Entalto Studios


Hey guys!

Thank you for the speedy reply! FYI I definitely got a case of the 'bad crash'. I hope it helps!

Hey again! 

Thanks to your help we were able to pin-point the origin of the bug, and in the new (already available) Version 1.2 it is fixed! 

Thank you very much for your help! 


Entalto Studios