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Anyone know how do you unlock the rings and collar with the clamps? I found the others but can't seem to get those

Have you seen that guy in the park holding the "Selling Stuff" sign? He should have it for sale , you have to be a Genius in order for him to let you buy it.

he sells everything but the rings and collar with clamps (I'm going from the twitter pic of the toys). If you buy everything he has, and do the quest in the shrine, there will still be spots for other 1 or 2 other toys. Those are what I can't find. 

I know the rope is with the guy in front of the TV station that doesn't talk to not famous people, and the clamps are with the guard in front of the TV station. to get it, talk to the guard in the cinema, after you payed 50k to get into the TV station and do his quest...