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I was having the same trouble at first but it seems you need to visit during the morning (I think before 9am which is when Xeroth is still sleeping) warriors on the weekend and then I think go through the 3 options (watch training, train with lizards, spar with lizards) and then talk to Rhot which will trigger the lines 'Where is that lizard...', go to Xeroth and wake him up then visit him (he's gonna be out of his home the entire day) the next day and the training option should be there. Its a very weird way to trigger it I only stumbled on it by accident aha

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After many attempts I got mine but I think it's a random event that is badly implemented when he overslept  for his training it happened to me only once

When did it trigger? do u remember what time/day and what u had to do to get it to trigger

I was loading previous files before Xeroth and Rhot will train together for the first time, I was checking warrior lizards and going to Rhot until he said that Xeroth is not here, It was Saturday around 9:00 am