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It was amazing!I really enjoyed but it would crash sometimes and there were a few glitches too.I'm really excited for the future games

Thank you! I'm sorry to hear that the game would crash or glitch. If you have the time, just let me know what version of the game you played or when some of the crashes happened, I'd love to clear that up for you. Thanks for giving my game a try and I hope to see you back for later Cases!

I played the 1.1.1 version.Every time that I would try to investigate an area it would show me the greenhouse area and the screen would freeze for a few seconds.


Thank you for the feedback! I will try to rework those areas and see if I can clean that up in the next update!


There is a new version of the game (v1.1.2) that hopefully addressed the glitches you saw. Thanks again for your help and patience! (see dev log patch notes for v1.1.2 for more detail)