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@g4mrnub: How did your goal/belief houserule do in your next session? Making gaining a title based on fulfilling a goal makes the goals really important so I'm curious if your players change their goal-setting based on the change.

Goal Houserules: 

I can see where you'd be cautious about doing anything to change the condition system. One positive thing that's come from my group's Goal houserule is that players will do riskier things if they're close to accomplishing a goal. For example, in the last session one player set their goal as "getting everyone on a warg" so the party could escape from a force of human hoplites they had no hope of defeating. They player had their goblin take a larger risk to get the last goblin on a warg, betting that they would accomplish their goal and remove a condition afterward. It's getting them to make choices rather than being a passive reward, and that fits well with this group's playstyle.

I like Let it Ride from Burning Wheel, and definitely try to use that instead of DnD minutia. If it's a large goal, I've started asking for a total number of successes rather than relying on one roll and that seems to be working well. I'll post that later, when I can get my thoughts together.

Vault House Rule:

I like how you've codified a stash, and I think it's something that characters want right away. My players started storing bits and bobs in their huts right away, but never anything useful, just knickknacks from adventures. Once they made a bunch of scratch and started keeping more gear, then it became a possibility for theft. I didn't add it to the list of crisis because I wanted the adventure facing outward more, but I love that idea. Make it just like some of the other locations in that it can have a keystone for extra protection. Building the vault gives them a place to store stuff that's fairly secure, but if you roll Theft on the crisis table then the vault is found and raided. If you have a vault keystone then it's immune to that roll.