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I think my main issue with the game is that introduce so many things but don't give them enough time for them to resonate. Whilst it looks really damn nice, the gameplay is a bit bland. 
and some things are poorly designed. For example the sawblade room where you had to bounce on it to get a secret can be just cleared with a Dash uppercut bounce. 

an idea would be to unlock these moves later on and design with them in mind, as I was playing, I barely found a reason to use the axe. 

Though I highly enjoyed the room with lanterns. I think they make for really fun platforming 

I'm sorry if this is harsh, I'm intrigued with this game and I want it to succeed. I want this to be kind of a wake up call to improve your level design and maybe figure out what to do with the moves. 

I wish you the very best of luck with your project, it looks very damn nice and I think the gameplay could be really fun 

Its just a demo to showcase a little of everything. The actual game will introduce things more slowly.