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First off, thanks for this plugin, it's been a mega time-saver, and is bloody awesome.

Potential Future Feature Request:

An option for imported brushes (not displacements) to be created as Additive UE BSP, instead of auto triangulation etc. Unreal's format does allow stuff like removing faces, no all nodraw and stuff can still be removed. It could just be useful in certain circumstances to have the brushes in brush format, so they are editable in unreal after.

And of course, we can then convert them to static mesh from within unreal directly, later.

Oh, another secondary one: Have some way for us to define custom classes, so we can link entities <-> Actors automatically on import! Perhaps with a callback that passes stuff like the static meshes etc to the newly instantiated actor, to hook things up.

eg: In tactical Intervention, we have custom things like prop_breakdown and prop_hitzone. It would be coolio to be able to let hammuer instantiate a custom actor, instead of having to rename custom ents to prop_static so that they import in the correct place.

Thanks again for your amazing work :)